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4 Fun Ways to Make Summer an Education at YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™

The best time of the year is in full swing here in Robert, Louisiana, and Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ is no exception! Across the state, although the kids are out of school for the whole summer; they don’t have to stop learning! In fact, it is important for every child to grow knowledge and keep reading throughout the summer to prevent “summer slide.” While July and August are great times to relax and play outdoors, there are a variety of fun ways for outside learning, while at the same time, incorporating every kid’s passion for camping. The next four weekends in July are filled with excitement!

To help youngsters to continue learning throughout the summer, YOGI BEAR™ wants to encourage school-age campers to utilize four fun ways to learn at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™:

  • Read exciting books about camping and the great outdoors: It’s hard to patiently wait for a fun camping trip. While daydreaming of the exciting times ahead, read books about camping, hiking, and outdoor fun. There is an assortment of nonfiction books that may be helpful for learning about survival or nature. Read biographies to learn about the real-life tales of others who have had fascinating adventures exploring the outdoors. Delve into a fiction book for an imagined adventure. Start here; then search Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local library for books that interest kids.

  • Read books while camping: Many schools often assign summer reading books. Read them while lounging at one of the campground's pools, by flashlight beneath the stars, or in a hammock alongside the lake. Kids can relax in nature while immersing themselves in other worlds, yet strengthen their comprehension skills as well.

  • Complete camping science experiments: Science is an exciting subject, and much can be learned in the great outdoors. For tips on where to begin, check out this blog for suggestions. Kids will love learning while roasting marshmallows and using nature to create art.

  • Make camping keepsakes: Have kids get crafty while continuing to work on their writing skills. After returning from a trip to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™, set up a scrapbooking and journaling table. Put out printed pictures of the trip, scrapbooking materials, paper, art supplies, and pens. Write prompts on paper for kids, then let them practice their writing skills by providing written responses. Include these in the scrapbooks for memorable keepsakes. For technology-savvy kids, this can also be accomplished using a computer program like PowerPoint or an online scrapbooking tool like Shutterfly.

Prevent that school-age summer slide by reading often and continuing to learn throughout the summer. Yogi Bear™ knows all the boys and girls at the campgrounds worked hard last school year, and he wants to see them maintain their progress. Fortunately, for kids who love camping, there are plenty of great books to read about adventure, nature, and exploration while enjoying the campgrounds.

Plus, don’t miss out on the fun weekends ahead this July: Beach Party at Cindy’s Hawaiian Luau (7-9), Soaker Weekend Reloaded (14-16), Christmas in July (21-23), and the Great American Picnic (28-30). Be sure to reserve a campsite soon!

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