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4 Holiday Tips for "Staycation" Camping This New Year's Eve

2018 Happy New YearIt’s that time of year again—people across Louisiana are already reminiscing about 2017, and considering resolutions for the New Year 2018. There are many people in the NOLA region whose New Year’s resolution is to spend more time connecting with friends, neighbors, and family, and less time connected to devices.

Here at YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™, we believe local camping is a great way to start! Unplug from all the screens by spending your New Year’s Eve surrounded by nature, even if it is in the backyard. Swap the cold, blue glow of the screen for the warm, orange glow of a campfire. Rather than watching the ball drop (again), invite friends and family to join you for a “staycation” camping trip. Now we have some great ideas for New Year’s Eve under the stars! Check them out.

Here are four great ideas from Yogi Bear™ for outdoor family fun this New Year’s Eve:

  • Bring noisemakers: It’s always fun to welcome a new year with some noise! While preparing for the camping trip, make these festive noisemakers using paper plates. Not only are they adorable, but it will be fun for the kids to personalize them. They’ll look great in pictures, too.
  • Countdown bags: There are many fun versions of the countdown bag online, but YOGI BEAR™ loves the ones with clocks! Not only will the kids be counting down the hours until 2018, but they will also be practicing time-telling. This version from Dating Divas has options for families, spouses, and friends! From games to resolutions, they have it covered. Want to make this camping trip completely screen-free? Swap out their movie hour with reading, or act out some of the favorite children’s classics as a family.
  • Glow-in-the-dark games: Engaging in some friendly competition is always fun, especially on New Year’s Eve. YOGI BEAR™ and friends loved the glow-in-the-dark ring toss and beanbag toss from blogger, A Pumpkin and a Princess. Our guess is that the kids will, too.
  • Indoor camping: Can’t make camping outdoors work this year? Practice with an indoor camping trip, and check out some of YOGI BEAR™’s tips for ringing in the new year. A cozy evening indoors with loved ones will also be memorable.

We wish all families a safe and happy New Year! As you reminisce on your favorite camping moments of 2017, consider the year ahead. Reservations for 2018 are now open, so families can plan their camping trips early.

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