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4 November Events Families Just Can’t Miss At YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK™

Wow, Louisianans! Is it already November in the Bayou state? The year 2015 may be flying by, but there is still plenty of time to finish the year in the great outdoors here in Robert, La. We want everyone to pack as much fun as possible as we head to 2016. Joining Yogi, the gang, and the good ole’ Ranger at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park’s upcoming happenings is an excellent priority.

  1. Ranger’s Birthday and Scout Weekend (November 6-8): Ranger’s Birthday and Scout weekend is an important weekend at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park! Yogi Bear values safety and is providing families with an opportunity to receive safety training. Not only does Yogi like safety, Yogi also likes FUN! Join other campers and families for fun outdoor activities and a DJ on Saturday. After learning about safety, dancing, and engaging in exciting outdoor activities, be sure to celebrate Ranger’s birthday with cake and ice cream. Good news, bargain hunters. Call early for half-price cabins or $10/person campsites (scout and youth groups only) for the entire weekend! While booking, be sure to ask about our pre-paid meal plans.
  2. Veteran’s Day Special (November 13-15): Yogi wants to thank all the courageous men and women who have served and continue to serve in the United States armed forces. Our brave veterans and current military may camp at Jellystone Park for free this weekend. We want to thank each and every veteran for both service and sacrifice. Campsite and cabins are 40% off to the public, too!
  3. Social Media Friends Weekend (November 20-22): Who hasn’t been keeping up with the world’s most famous cartoon character? Yogi the Bear is all over social media? Thanks for staying connected! Our parks and our big star are all over YouTube and Google! Yogi enjoys communicating with his campers through social media so much, he’s decided to celebrate! Keep an eye out for specials if you’ve been staying connected. Sneak peek: the weekend starts off with 60% off campsite and cabins. Book your cabin or campsite today, and see what other specials Yogi will surprise you with during your stay.
  4. Thanksgiving and Christmas Celebration/Anniversary Party Finale (November 25-29): Activities Wednesday the 25th through Sunday the 29th are holiday-ready! Be sure to join Yogi for the Golf Cart Poker Run Grand Prix Invitational (you must have participated in at least 2 previous poker runs to be invited). Save room in your belly for Thursday’s 37th Annual Potluck Thanksgiving. More good things are on their way after a delicious meal at Jellystone Park because Yogi’s invited Santa Claus! All good little girls and boys will enjoy a visit from Santa (parents, bring gift(s) for Santa’s sack with child’s name, age, and cabin number/site). Finally, after this awesome celebration, Yogi Bear™, Boo Boo™, and Cindy go into hibernation until March 2016; don’t miss this joy-filled, family-friendly weekend! Weekend rates apply - recreation activities are from Wednesday afternoon to mid-day Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the holiday season; more to come on our 2016 schedule so stay tuned!

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