Awesome Camping Hacks for Your Next Trip

Awesome camping hacks from your friends at Yogi Bear Campground, Robert La.; pictured are Yogi bear and friendsReady to bring your camping trip to the next level? Save time, space, and convenience when you try out these awesome camping hacks! These hacks are sure to make your time in the great outdoors stress-free, so everyone will enjoy the great outdoors. Try these hacks out during your next camping trip!

Mobile handwash station

This hack is great for any camping trip! Take a hard plastic water jug from your hurricane prep kit or use an old laundry detergent bottle. Place it on its side so that the spout points down, then set up a disposable soap container next to it. Strap a roll of paper towels in a holder around the plastic jug using bungee cords. Now, you can keep your hands clean wherever you are! This is great when camping with groups, like with large families or on scouting trips.

Natural bug repellent

Camping is sure to bring its fair share of bugs. Skip the bottles of bug spray and opt for some all-natural alternatives. Plants like sage, lavender, mint, and citronella grass are excellent at repelling mosquitos. Burn some sage leaves in your campfire for its full effect. Or, simply bring some potted citronella plants along with you. You can also make your own natural bug spray using essential oils, like the ones described here. Dryer sheets also work well to prevent bugs and wildlife from entering the campsite. Pack some in your food storage bins and backpacks to keep pests away.

Cooking hacks

There are tons of ways to hack cooking at your campsite. Tie an old belt around a tree and secure some S-hooks to it. Then, place your cooking pans on the hooks for a convenient and space-saving way to prep your campsite kitchen. Avoid bringing your entire kitchen pantry with you by organizing your spices in old Tic-Tac containers. Serve condiments like sauces, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes in a muffin pan to keep everything organized and avoid bringing unnecessary containers. Additionally, organize all your utensils, towels, and cooking tools in a shoe organizer. Hang it on a tree to make sure it's readily available whenever you need it.

Fold clothing to save space

There are plenty of ways to save space while packing for your camping trip. Take a few tips from expert backpack campers and use folding hacks to save space for everyone’s clothing. Use the “army roll” technique to fold shirts, socks, or even entire outfits in a way that won't come undone as soon as you reach your campsite. Roll up socks and place them inside shoes to save space. Label each outfit with a family member's name so that there's no confusion about who it belongs to. See detailed instructions on the folding techniques here.

Light up your campsite

Create more light at night with a few of these hacks! Simply take a clear water bottle and strap a headlamp to it so it faces inward to create a DIY lantern that will provide lots of ambient light for your tent during the night. You can also make DIY lanterns by painting glow-in-the-dark paint on an old mason jar. These pretty creations will create a beautiful addition to your campsite at night.

Lighting a fire is one tricky part of camping, but there are plenty of hacks to help make the process easier. Glue sandpaper to your matchbox holder for a better striking pad than what comes with most matchboxes. Roll up old dryer lint into a paper ramekin and place it with kindling on the fire to help it start. Some campers have even suggested that Doritos make great kindling!

Try these camping hacks at YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK™!

Our campground in Robert, Louisiana, is a great place to try out these camping hacks. See for yourself when you book your campsite now! What camping hacks do you like to try? Share them with us on our social media pages!

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