Fun Campfire Games for the Entire Family
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Fun Campfire Games for the Entire Family

Camping season is in full gear! One of Ranger Smith's™ favorite camping activities is spending time around the glow of a campfire. After the fire is built and s'mores have been made, add some fun by playing these games the entire family will enjoy. You'll create lasting memories and have a few laughs along the way.


This call-and-repeat chant is great for elementary and middle school-aged kids. Groups of any size can play this game, but it works especially well for gaining the attention of large groups of campers or scouts.

How to Play:

First, learn the lyrics to the Boom-Chicka-Boom chant. The leader starts the chant with, "I said a Boom-Chicka-Boom!" The group repeats the leader, one line at a time. The last line of the chant is, "One more time, _______ style." This is your chance to get creative! The leader picks a style, and the group repeats the chant in this new way. Some interesting styles to try include robot, rockstar, astronaut, and superhero. For a fun variation, you can change the lyrics of the chant to match the style, as listed here.

The Winking Assassin

This is perfect to play around the campfire, as the shadows created by the flickering flames can create a unique challenge to the game. This activity works well for older children and young adults.

How to Play:

A "Godfather" is chosen from the group to act as a referee. All other players close their eyes while the Godfather walks around the circle and chooses an "Assassin" by tapping a player on the shoulder. Then, the Godfather directs everyone to open their eyes and the game begins. The Assassin looks around the circle and discreetly winks at individual players to get them out. This player then acts out a dramatic death to before leaving the game. In-play group members try to guess who the assassin is, but watch out! If a player guesses wrong, he/she is out too. The Assassin wins if the entire group "dies" without getting caught.

If playing with younger children, a lighter variation simply changes the Assassin to "the Sandman" and players pretend to fall asleep when winked at. This and other fun campfire games can be found on the Ultimate Camp Resource.

Add On Story

A simple game that requires no prior setup, it's a great, laid-back activity for all ages and group sizes!

How to Play:

The first group member starts with a general story introduction sentence like, "once upon a time," or, "on a night such as this one." Each player adds on exactly one sentence to continue the story. This game is sure to create lots of laughs as the group sees how the story twists, turns, and finally ends!

I Went To Market

Another activity that doesn't require any setup, this game works well with families with elementary and middle-school aged children. The bigger the group, the more challenging the game will be!

How to Play:

A player chooses a letter for each round and shares it with the group. The same player starts off by saying, "I went to the market and bought _____" and inserts an item that starts with the letter that was chosen. The next player in the circle must repeat the first player's item and addon their own item that starts with the same letter. Each player repeats the previous list and adds on another item. A player is out if he/she forgets an item or can't think of a new item to add to the list. The game ends when only one person is left who can recite the entire list correctly.

We hope you get a chance to play some of these games at our campground located in Robert, Louisiana this summer! If you haven’t booked your RV, campsite, or cabin at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park™ there is still time to join us. Book your campsite now!

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