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Three JELLYSTONE PARK™ Tips for Cool Weather Camping

As we head into the winter season and the wonderful holidays, it is good to know that the chill of the season is not as bad in Louisiana as it is in other parts of the country. Now is the time of year when campers can still enjoy beautiful, warm days with Yogi Bear in Robert, Louisiana. When the sun goes down in November, the temperatures do drop. To enjoy the end of our camping season as we close in on 2017, our loyal Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park families need to come prepared for the colder evenings.

Our lovable Yogi Bear offers these three “chilly” tips for staying warm while camping:

  1. Book a stay in one of our toasty cabins: For maximum evening comfort, campers can reserve one of the campground’s many cabins. These structures have sturdy, solid walls which can block out cold evening wind. Additionally, most of the cabins have both heat and stoves (just be sure to check the features before booking if these features are important).
  2. Bring the right gear for the chill: Many campers willprefer the great outdoors and use three-season tent or a three to four season tent for the cooler nights.  According to REI’s website, three-season tents are the most popular tents while three-four season tents “offer a balance of ventilation, strength and warmth-retention.”  No matter what tent campers bring, it is important to insulate the bottom of the tent. This can be accomplished with a thick sleeping bag, foam floor tiles, or a sleeping pad. Cold ground can quickly make campers chilly!
  3. Wear comfortable layers: Just as smart campers insulate their tents to keep warm, it’s important to insulate the body too. Wear long underwear or a synthetic fabric closest to the skin. Then add layers as needed. Be sure to pack extra layers just in case. REI has a great guide to wearing layers that families can refer to while choosing what layers to pack.

Remember that camping at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park is fun almost all year long! Be sure to come prepared for the cooler weather this weekend, so everyone can be comfortable while enjoying the campgrounds. Plus, don’t miss the last activity-packed weekend of 2016.

November 24 – 27: Thanksgiving & Christmas Celebration Weekend. (SANTA CLAUS SATURDAY NIGHT).

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! After this weekend, we will see you in February! It is almost time for Yogi Bear and his friends to hibernate until spring comes again!

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