Tips and Tricks for Group Camping Success!
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Tips and Tricks for Group Camping Success!

YOGI BEAR'S JELLYSTONE PARK™ located in Robert, Louisiana is the perfect place for any type of camping trip. With tons of activities and a variety of accommodations to choose from, you'll find camping with a group to be a breeze here. Equidistant from Baton Rouge and New Orleans, camping at Jellystone Park is a great place to meet up with close friends, family members, scout, or church groups. If you're looking to plan a camping trip with a group, check out our list of tips and tricks to make your group camping trip a success!

1. Make A Plan

You can never plan too much when traveling with a group, especially when you're camping together. Don't worry about "overthinking." Having a detailed plan will keep everyone on the same page once the trip begins, and will leave you more time to enjoy the nature around you! To make a great camping plan, you will first need to appoint a group leader to help manage reservations, arrival times, and activities. If you're traveling with a scout or church group, there may already be someone designated as a group leader. If not, your group may want to assign someone. Next, create an email thread, private Facebook group, or a group chat so everyone can share ideas and ask questions. This is especially important if you are not physically able to meet altogether before the trip.

If you want the group to participate in a few activities altogether, be sure to clearly communicate what those are and when they'll be. You may want to specify when there will be pockets of free time. Also, make it clear if there are any events or activities that require mandatory participation, such as an activity where a scout earns a badge.

2. Pack Together

This is a huge benefit of camping with a group. By using your already-established method of communication, delegate packing items the entire group will use to individual members. This will ease the burden on everyone to remember to pack every item they need, and will also prevent you from ending up with eleven bottles of bug spray by the end of the trip. One great thing to delegate to group members is meal planning. Plan meals before you arrive, and assign group members to get the supplies and prepare that meal. This makes mealtimes easy and doesn't place all the cooking on one particular person. You can assign other items like campfire supplies, first-aid kits, sanitation stations, propane, utensils, and drinks to group members too!

3. Select The Right Accommodations

With over 450 campsites and 75 cabin rentals available at Jellystone Park, there is truly something for everyone! From Troophouses that accommodate up to 12 campers at a time to the secluded Hideaway Havens, your group is sure to find the perfect campsite. Discuss what type of rentals your group would like to reserve, keeping in mind things like the location within the campground, access to amenities such as pools and lakes, and RV hookup capabilities. Then, you can book your campsite here.

4. Research Events And Activities

There is always something fun to do at Jellystone park, so be sure to check out our event calendar for the dates you plan to visit. Our year-round activities include fishing, swimming, mini-golf, sports courts, kayaking, and canoeing. Plus, there are plenty of events like themed weekends, live music, and pool parties that happen throughout the year. We also offer various opportunities for groups to reserve meeting places like our Rec Center, The Dome, and the Gazebo. We can even provide a buffet-style lunch for your group. Please call us at 985-542-1507 to learn more about renting our facilities and rates.

With 100 acres of family fun in the great outdoors, Jellystone Park is the perfect Louisiana campground to plan your next group camping trip!

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