Delicious Side Dishes To Make For The Annual Crawfish Cookoff

Jellystone Park

Three years had already passed since our first annual Crawfish Cookoff at Jellystone Park. Every year, it has been the perfect opportunity to try new flavors with old comfort food and kick off summer the right way!

If you’re planning on joining us for our fourth annual event, you’re probably starting to get prepared. And while the crawfish are certainly the main event, it’s the side dishes that really bring our campers together. 

Let’s look at some delicious complements to this classic seafood entrée, including where to get your crawfish for the event!

Easy Side Dishes For Crawfish

Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already oh-so-tasty. You can turn simple side-dish staples into something unique and special with a bit of creativity. Make your crawfish dinner stand out with these amazing flavor combinations!

Corn on the cob

A big, buttery hunk of corn on your plate is the perfect complement to a batch of boiled crawfish. Try grilling it to pair a smoky flavor with your main meal, or apply some Cajun seasonings to impact a spicy taste.

Green beans

There’s nothing better than a pile of fresh green beans, and they go great with boiled crawfish! You can steam them, boil them, or even fry them up. Just make sure to add a little seasoning (we recommend Tony Chachere’s) for extra flavor.

Mashed potatoes

Try serving your crawfish over a big scoop of mashed potatoes for a heartier option. This dish will fill you up, and the creamy potatoes are the perfect canvas for all that Cajun flavor.


This dish is a must-have for any seafood boil, and it’s the perfect way to cool down your palate after a few spicy bites. You can find our favorite coleslaw dressing recipe here.

Red beans and rice

Red beans and rice is the perfect side for any seafood feast. The savory beans are a great contrast to the sweetness of the crawfish. The rice helps to even the flavors.

Remember: You don’t have to bring everything to the campsite. Jellystone Park campers can buy ingredients, wood, and more from the general store at the campground. If you need it, we got it—just ask!

Where To Find Crawfish In Robert, LA

Getting crawfish for the annual boil can be tricky if you’re not fishing them up yourself. Luckily, Jellystone Park has some suggestions for awesome local stores!

If you’re looking for crawfish in Robert, LA, here’s where to find them:

  • Phat Daddy’s Seafood LLC: Not only can you buy fresh crawfish directly from the folks at Phat Daddy’s, but you can kick up your feet for a hot meal as well! Crabs, shrimp, and catfish are also available.
  • B & J Seafood: B & J Seafood is open almost every day of the week, so you can always get your crawfish fix when it fancies you! They also have great prices on their live crawfish, crabs, and clams.
  • Berthelot Crawfish Co: This local seafood market is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to make a killer crawfish boil. Just use their handy drive-thru to pick up all the seafood you’ll ever need!
  • Dennis’ Seafood: Dennis’ Seafood is a great place to buy the more exotic Louisiana staples, including oysters, crab meat, shrimp, okra, and alligator meat. They also have pre-boiled crawfish available for purchase.
  • Big Boys Seafood: A stone’s throw away in Thibodaux, LA, Big Boys is serving up live and boiled crawfish. These folks have a reputation for providing some of the juiciest seafood in town. But we’ll let you be the judge!

There are a few other places to get quality crawfish around here, but these are some of our favorite local spots! Be sure to get enough for your recipe (and enough to snack on during your camping trip).

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